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Can't have slaughter without LAUGHTER!!!

Aw Hell... I need a Beta! BETA SEARCH!
Oh deary me... I am in need of a beta-reader! If you're interested in the task/challenge, please take a moment to read. To see what you're getting yourself into...

* I have horrendous grammar and sentence structure.

*My spelling isn't too good either.

* My writing? I write Homosexual fanfics. (Slash, yaoi, yuri. That sort of thing...)

* I sometimes get lost in detail.

* Or I sometimes leave a lot out.

* Also I tend to be one hell of a lazy dolt, so please by all means... PUSH ME!

- If you're interested... Please comment below! @.@

Curse of The Shadows
Title: Curse of The Shadows
Rating: T.
Parings: One sided Bronzeshipping(Yami Malik(Marik)/Malik) and hinted Thiefshipping(Bakura/Malik)

A/N:Posted first on

Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!/Duel Monsters


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A Cursed Strength.

Title: A Cursed Strength.
Rating: T.
Parings: none

A/N: This was inspired by a few songs. It's a drabble....Posted first on

Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!/Duel Monsters

Warnings: Angsty?

Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!/Duel Monsters.


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A Yule Tide Birthday!
Title: A Yule Tide Birthday.
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Rating: pg-13 (i think theres a swear there XD) Word Count:6,583....
Summary: Malik's been acting strange lately...why? Yuugi send a few people to trail after him..and what's this..a birthday?! For the character Malik Ishtar's Birthday 12-23-09 (i think he was created 06?..05? cant rememberXD)
DisFuckingClaimer: I DONT OWN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! QUIT STARING!!!!!

A/N: The point of views in this changes alot..I hope it doesn't confuse any of you..This is un-beted and un please forgive any mistakes. This is part one of the Grandpa Mutou's photo album series!
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Grandpa Mutou's Photo Album, Prologue.
This will be a series of crack fics....Based on the fandom Yu-Gi-Oh!. Don't mind the horrendous sentence structures bad grammar and spelling..i try i really really do. Also some characters may be out of character just a tad...Most fics show Malik being a hyper active psychotic almost childlike. So forgive me...

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Just a rambling

Click that link my post would be under Welcome2YourPsychosis if you want to read that same post its right under this nice clicky thingy<3

RolePlay character
well..we have this rp going on in imvu(XD) and i made my chara wicked Joker like..and so on so forth and we have to write in yeahs posting them here for any advice...
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my icon piccy for ericaleev XD
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Random tuesday
Well i need to use this more often so why not just link random things or uhs..words ect....Maybe you'll find something/learn something new!

word: cognoscente -\kon-yuh-SHEN-tee; kog-nuh-; -SEN-\ , noun:
A person with special knowledge of a subject; a connoisseur.

Song/Vid: a very bouncy song with a sorta dark tone to it...over all very very good! type industrial/ebm/dark electro XD

Fic: a funny little drabble from a very good GW/original yaoi fic writer Kracken!! Fandom for this fic is Gundam Wing no pairings implied slashXD

Pics/Art: (i will cite the artist or who is in these photos if i do not know or cite all the times heres the DISCLAIMER: I do not make profit on any of these nor did i create them ect. ect. unless stated otherwise All art(pohotography graphic Movie ect..) belongs to their respective creators and what not!)  (Thomas Rainer from Nachtmahr XD)

Gravitation comic ecerpt thing XD makes me laugh all the time hehe

Beautiful peice of work sadly i do not know the artist....

very very funny piccy XD

Movies: Surviving the game,

an action film from 1994 directed by Earnest R. Dickerson. Starring Ice-T, Rutger Hauer, and Gary Busey.

Plot: Based on the short story "The most Dangerous Game" by Richard Conell. Homeless Jack Mason(ice-t)  from Seattle, is offered a job from Burns (Hauer)  as a hunting guide, pays good money. But the prey is the guide. So thus Ice-T has to use his knowledge of surviving and outsmart the hunters.

Over all a very very good movie.

Wiki Article:

Hope you all enjoy..will get more refined later on still not used to doing things like this XD


Woot! Fic>,.,>''
hehe sorry for posting...again! but i wrote a fic..Deadpool's been bugging me to write it....yesh i call my inspiration/ideas Deadpool...

heres the summary for it

Summary/Warnings: Possible lemon if..thats if Deadpool Allows. Rabbid stalks of corn. Yaoi, Yuri. Swears..The "demons", that's what they call the outcasts of the school. Brash, loud,timid, quirky and just plain idiotic. Thats how the rest of the student body looks at them. While the "gods" are admired, idolized. The popular group..beautiful, bold, smart and elegant. When they are forced to recognise each other, they will learn that what the rest of the school and each other view them as is far from the truth. pairings. 1x2(main) 3x4 Zechsx5 Nxh RxD.

and the link to the make things clear i wrote in the summary on the fic 2x3 but its really fingers hate mehXD

somewhat...well not very well written but im learning slowly hehe and uhs...i adopted the plot^,.,^;;


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