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RolePlay character
well..we have this rp going on in imvu(XD) and i made my chara wicked Joker like..and so on so forth and we have to write in yeahs posting them here for any advice...

Diary of a Jester:

The time was 10:52 pm, she sat down in the dusty hall of an old broken down warehouse. Letting her tongue flick out to run along her lower lip she took out the iPod she jacked from some pathetic fool and turned it on placing the earbuds in her ears and cranked it, drowning out the thoughts that had manifested into voices. Smirking darkly, she had to give the guy she jacked this from credit he listened to some good music. Sighing she took out the leather bound journal she found in the old dented locker no one uses and opens it up....its blank. Shrugging she took out a few writing utensils and started to jot things down,all the while listening to the iPod.

Entry #1: Dear Batsy...
They locked me up again lastnight...*she paused to snarl at her hand holding the pencil, it was too shakey..always too shakey making her writing looked scribbled or scratched* ...Why do they keep doing that? I hate that place...its sterile white padded cells..the orderlies who mock you and if you bite them they beat you with their nightstick and then sedate you. I HATE BEING THERE!!!*her eyes widened with fury but instead of shouting she laughed and laughed till it brought a few tears to her eyes which dropped onto the pages leaving a few smudges and wet spots that she wiped at colouring the paper with a residuale bit of her facepaint*

Also when will they learn to put me into a more secure cell? I swear..humanity in of itself has grown dull..boreing and very very..slooooooow *she emphasized the word slow with a silent whisper as she wrote it*

School...was interesting to say the least..I have two lockers thats supposed to be jammed so tight it wont open and the one assigned to me. They keep asking me for my name..why wont they just let it go..its Jester always will be.*she grinned lopsidely turning the page and began jotting down the rest of her day* I found ..or jacked iPod its white..but that will change soon thinking either purple or green..what say you Batsy? *she patted the spine of the book adoringly and continued on* The other students are..well alright..nothing to write to you about...yet....

Im bored..think i will blow that bridge up on the otherside of make those bastards pay for locking me up...not...crazy...
Music i listened to: Nachtmahr - Mein Name

*she drew a lil bat on the cover and on a few pages plus a few HAHAHA!!! and some scribbled smiles. She then placed the book in her knapsack and stood up running her fingers through her black and toxic green hair and walked over to a closet with everything she needed to do the deed at the bridge. Whilst collecting them she began to laugh at thoughts possibly..or memories but her eyes held a calculating gleam in them. Jester rose to her feet as she finished placing everything she needed into her knapsack and walked to the door* "I..ah..may need to enlis-tuh would"*with that she ran out laughing into the dead of night*....

Arkham Asylum Patient Report: Jester

Attending doctor: Tom Rainer

Age: roughly 17 years of age
Height: 6'
Weight: 135 :side note written in red sloppily: "Her size hides her strenght don't let it fool you, maybe frail looking but she is definatly tough"
Grade: 11th or 12th :another side not written sloppily in red: with her intense knowledge in things she could have...:trails off:
Hair: thick long dyed black and green :side note: auburn is her original hair colour.
Eyes: green :side note: a very clear almost translucent green (lols making T.R like harleen quinzel...sorta)
Over all physical health: Good shape a little malnurished but that is about it

Patient Log: 12:30 pm, September 23, 2009.

T.R: J has recently gotten one of the orderlies angered, judging by the bruises, split lip and the extra restraints on her ankles and wrists. "So...J how was your last couple of days?"

J fidgets as much as the restraints allow keeping eye contact the whole time.

T.R: *taps pen on the clipboard observing her patiently*

J: Rolled her eyes and grinned dangerously at me, with her make up scrubbed off she almost appears to be human..though i musn't forget she techinically is... "Well...ah those uhm..few days..doc..they were spent in ah solitary con-FINE-men-tuh " her tongue darts out to lick at her lips, eyes never leaving mine.

T.R: "ah yes..i heard about to explain?" ::he jotted down more notes paying attention to every detail to her movements and mannerisms:

J: Rolled her eyes again and smacked her lips together. " You should ah..." pauses and jerks violently in her seat. J seems to be extremely agitated " you shoul-duh already kno-wuh..." she settled down again

T.R: " I do yes..but i wish to hear your side of it." im going against all safetly regulations right now, maybe if i loosen them she'll be more willing to talk. :tentevily reaches one of the wrist straps and loosens it gently* J if surprised she didnt show it nor did she show any signs of ill intent at the moment. :does the same to the other wrist restraint:

J: "they came to ah...close..really you'd thin-kuh they'd know by now touch me" voice held a bit of amusement i nodded for her to go on. " so..ah i bit that man's uh..bottom lip righ-tuh off..a bloody mess i migh-tuh add" giggling..always giggling at the most morbid of actions or thoughts. Clearly her mental state is ...dangerous for lack of better words.

T.R: " you knew that would put you in SC and yet you still did so and knew what the orderlies would why do it?" at this she leaned close to me as far as the restraints allowed and licked her teeth grinning as she whispered.

J: "because then i know i-tuh to be real" she emphasized the word real and broke into a fit of giggles " Daddy J..woul-duh be oh so very prou-duh haha!!!" she still refers to Joker as her father and he to her his daughter..peculiar really..will delve onto that subject more next session.

T.R: "J i would like for...J something the matter? J?!" :scrawl became rushed:

J: "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!NONONONONONO!!!! HAHAHA!!!!! " :she began rocking into the chair the restraints digging into her wrists and the skin becomes raw and pink with blood pooling to the surface, her eyes wide with a look of terror and sheer anger and hysteria: "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of bloood!! HAHAHA!!!! NO!! SHE'S DEAD!!!!!"

T.R: fearing for the safety of myself and J i must end this session" WE NEED HELP IN HERE STAT!!!" :he yells to the orderlies to the outside of the door, they rush in and one pushes her back against the chair. He screamed as she bit into his arm and the other orderlie jabs the needle into her neck and she is instantly slumped over blood dripping from her lips*

T.R: J had another one of her "breakdowns" they are becoming increasingly violent...uptake in her meds should do the trick...

:attached note: Patient is in SC till the end of the week...again....


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