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Mon Plus Beu Cauchmar(sp?)

Can't have slaughter without LAUGHTER!!!

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Just a rambling

Click that link my post would be under Welcome2YourPsychosis if you want to read that same post its right under this nice clicky thingy<3

..you all must be closest cases..not saying that i personally have done this but its the human psyche even if its way deep down there once you hear of this...or same sex relations you will think of yourself doing it..at least once and if you say you haven't..how would you know? How would you know if you haven't thought of this..or same sex relations or murdering another living being or committing suicide? If you say no means either one of two things..you can't remember because you are so repulsed with yourself that your psyche had pushed those thoughts so deep back..or two you deny it because again you are repulsed with yourself consciously this time for having such thoughts..It really is natural for every living thing to be curious.

And the whole "Keep them in America" bit...you have the same amount as these "sickos" in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia. So enough with the whole my country/ continent is mightier than thou crap.