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Random tuesday
Well i need to use this more often so why not just link random things or uhs..words ect....Maybe you'll find something/learn something new!

word: cognoscente -\kon-yuh-SHEN-tee; kog-nuh-; -SEN-\ , noun:
A person with special knowledge of a subject; a connoisseur.

Song/Vid: a very bouncy song with a sorta dark tone to it...over all very very good! type industrial/ebm/dark electro XD

Fic: a funny little drabble from a very good GW/original yaoi fic writer Kracken!! Fandom for this fic is Gundam Wing no pairings implied slashXD

Pics/Art: (i will cite the artist or who is in these photos if i do not know or cite all the times heres the DISCLAIMER: I do not make profit on any of these nor did i create them ect. ect. unless stated otherwise All art(pohotography graphic Movie ect..) belongs to their respective creators and what not!)  (Thomas Rainer from Nachtmahr XD)

Gravitation comic ecerpt thing XD makes me laugh all the time hehe

Beautiful peice of work sadly i do not know the artist....

very very funny piccy XD

Movies: Surviving the game,

an action film from 1994 directed by Earnest R. Dickerson. Starring Ice-T, Rutger Hauer, and Gary Busey.

Plot: Based on the short story "The most Dangerous Game" by Richard Conell. Homeless Jack Mason(ice-t)  from Seattle, is offered a job from Burns (Hauer)  as a hunting guide, pays good money. But the prey is the guide. So thus Ice-T has to use his knowledge of surviving and outsmart the hunters.

Over all a very very good movie.

Wiki Article:

Hope you all enjoy..will get more refined later on still not used to doing things like this XD


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Hey there !
Glad to see you've made a post. :)

Love the kitties - sooo cute :D

The pics are great, too.

I shall have to check out the movie. I've always liked Rutger Hauer, especially, of course, in Ladyhawke :D

I like Placebo, too.

You've included all sorts of great stuff :)

Just an FYI, sweetie. I tried an lj cut, for a pics. post I did, earlier today.
Unfortunately, when I edited the post, I messed up the cut, so everything was left as is.
Only problem with that is, when a post is long, it takes up a big chunk of space on your friends' "Friends pages".
I had no clue how to do one, until recently, so I just didn't post long posts. Turns out, it's actually easy enough to do that even I can do it ! LOL! :)
If you are posting anything that's over a few words, and a picture.
The best thing to do is to put the majority of it behind a "live journal cut"
You just highlight the things that you want to place behind the cut, having written Read more..., (Which is easiest - you highlight that, too) go to the symbol on the "rich text" portion of your posting space,and it will say Read more... there. Hit ok and everything else on your post should be behind the cut.
I say should because, like today with me, doesn't always happen :)

Not to worry if it doesn't work though ! :)
It's lovely to see you posting and your friends won't get cross with you :)



pshaw, seems like no one worries about lj cuts any more...and Nita is the LAST one to talk, lol! Though it is true that some people are nasty about it, the best thing is to just not have people like that on your friend list.

Nita mainly uses the LJ cut to hide the porn.


Very sly of her.


*Nita mainly uses the LJ cut to hide the porn.*
*Very sly of her.*

Heehee - Why d'you think I finally mastered the LJ cut ? :P

Besides, we both know I haven't mastered the art of not rambling on lj, any more than I am ever likely to learn how in real life :)

I DO like that icon :)


And I agree with Arwen and say, once again, it is nice to see you posting, Sweetie !

ty!!!! was always wondering on how to do that with the posts!XD seems easy enough ima try it t again hehe.

Rutgar is a bad guy in the movie just heads up lol. i love placebo very very good bandXD

Very cool stuff...will need about an hour to take it all in but wanted to say hi! Glad to see you posting!


XD *waves* hellos XD yeahs>,.,>;; will be posting more...heheXD hope you fell better!!!!!!!!!!

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